Sandwiched between the Queen Elizabeth II’s maiden voyage and the first moon landing by Armstrong and Aldrin, Chadacre Badminton Club was founded at the “Cricketers” in Epsom on the 3rd June 1969. Comprising twenty five members drawn mainly from three evening classes, Chadacre’s first home was at the TA Hall in Ewell. Annual subs were £7 10s (£7.50) and one team was entered into the Surrey League. There was a strong emphasis on a mixture of competitive and club night badminton underpinned by a varied programme of social functions.

With badminton no longer enjoying the popularity of the 70s & 80s the Club was alert to the dangers of complacency and after 20 years at the TA Hall moved to Epsom College with its brand new facilities in October 1989. To encourage the development of a strong club identity, Chadacre has always resisted introducing more than one club night and this has proved remarkably successful both at a social and competitive level. Whilst many other clubs were folding through lack of numbers, Chadacre managed to maintain a reasonably viable membership of around 40 during even the most testing of times.

To enable the club to strengthen its membership and attract younger members from the school and surrounding area, Chadacre moved to Wilson’s School, Wallington in May 2006 after nearly 17 years at Epsom College. The latest phase in the Club’s history has resulted in an increase in members to over 60 and we can look forward to many more years of enjoyable badminton with Chadacre firmly established as one of the top clubs in Surrey.